Alcohol Recovery Scotland (ARS) is a not for profit company offering a confidential service programme backed up by people in recovery from alcohol use, qualified addiction staff with medical training and one of Scotland’s leading addiction medical specialists. Alcohol Recovery Scotland currently are funded by a very large Trust Fund and were just about to roll the programme out all over Scotland when the COVID-19 virus hit. This is still the plan once they have returned to the ‘new’ normal, so the organisation should grow very quickly over the next 2/3 years. Alcohol Recovery Scotland currently have 2 staff members. 

Bruce Rose, Director, supplied some information on the background of the business: “My background was in alcohol and drug rehab centre management. Scotland does not have enough centres to deal with current issues, so I started looking for a more cost-effective programme model, that was financially sustainable and successful in regard to results. I found a model called The Sinclair Method that is a medication based, alcohol reduction programme leading to abstinence or safe NHS recommended drinking levels, per week. Our programme has a 78% success rate which compared to most abstinence-based programmes, that have a success rate of between 6-10%,  it allows us the privilege and potential to revolutionise alcohol recovery here in Scotland and further afield.”

We asked Bruce more about his role at Alcohol Recovery Scotland: “I am 53 years old and had an addiction issue myself in my 20s. I ran a Stairlift business in Fife for almost 20 years with my wife until the last bank crisis, when our business began to struggle, as most of our contracts were with local councils. I lost my father and two uncles to alcohol related illnesses and my goal with Alcohol Recovery Scotland, is to make our programme, the number 1 go-to programme for people caught in alcohol dependency. I am the Director and I work very closely with my funding partners.”

Bruce told us why he would be Alcohol Recovery Scotland to be member of the week: “We are currently the only providers for The Sinclair Method here in Scotland and it is a great avenue to publicise what we do and to promote it here in the Highlands. Our aim is to help as many people as possible caught in alcohol dependency, with The Chamber of Commerce’s feature, Member of the Week, it allows us this option.”

Alcohol Recovery Scotland are the first organisation to use this programme here in Scotland.

Bruce shared with us his business plans for over the next 12 months: “Alongside our funders, we plan to roll out our programme into the corporate market. Companies and organisations lose millions of pounds every year due to sickness and absenteeism as a result of alcohol misuse. We already offer companies a monthly staff benefit package to support staff with drinking issues. We can either work alongside HR, via disciplinary programmes or have staff come to us directly and privately for recovery support. This can retain good staff. On average, to replace a member of staff, it will cost at least £20,000 (ACAS).”

Bruce told us their recent commendations: “Scotland’s top addiction professional has written to us and praised our programme and the support we give to clients.”

We asked Bruce what they value most about Inverness Chamber of Commerce membership: “The opportunity to network with other businesses and to build mutually beneficial relationships.”

Bruce provided his top-tip for other Chamber members to maxmise their chamber membership: “My top tip for other Chamber Members is make use of all the events that are put on to connect and promote their services. If you help enough other people and businesses, then people and businesses will happily help and support you.”

Claudia Christian, better known for her role as Commander in the sci-fi programme, Babylon 5 is an advisor to Alcohol Recovery Scotland. Claudia used the programme to recovery herself from alcohol dependency and now travels the world promoting The Sinclair Method. She was due in Scotland at the end of April to come and give 3 talks for Alcohol Recovery Scotland but they had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. She will return once the restrictions are lifted and alongside talks in Edinburgh and Glasgow, one will be run in Inverness at the Drumossie Hotel. Further details will be released once we have specific dates.

Bruce added: “Finally, as I mentioned we are rolling out our corporate programme and we would like to offer any Members a free talk entitled ‘Managing your alcohol intake’, at your place of work for up to 30 staff.”

Facebook: @AlcoholRecoveryScotland

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