How can we help your business expand overseas?

International Trade Services

As we near the half-way through the year mark, many businesses continue to face obstacles and have certainly seen an increase in costs. As highlighted by the BCC’s publication, Q1 has seen a huge “…drop in both goods imports and exports, concluding a weak start to the year. Across the quarter, UK goods exports values declined by 3.2%, and goods imports by 7.5% ”, For more information about the overall findings can be reviewed here.

The pandemic coupled with Brexit has also undoubtedly made it challenging for UK businesses to trade globally. With the introduction of new rules and regulations, many businesses continue to report increased costs, administration requirements, paperwork, delays and disruption. Combining all of these domestic and international factors including Russia’s continuing war on Ukraine many will continue to encounter ongoing challenges making it difficult to trade globally. The rising energy costs and interest rates will force some to reconsider to either trade only with neighbouring countries or cease trading internationally altogether.

To help businesses cope with the challenges and navigate through the world of international trade, Inverness Chamber of Commerce are committed to connecting, supporting and representing the Highlands and Islands business community with all aspects of expanding overseas.

So how can we help your business grow globally?

Exporters of all sizes, levels of  experience and sectors are required to stay alert to the ever-changing international trading environment. Our International Trade Team are always at hand to explain these to you and help you understand compliance requirements through the provision of technical support and bespoke training workshops.

We are also an accredited customs broker through ChamberCustoms, the customs brokerage service provided by the British Chambers of Commerce network in the UK. Our customs specialist team are always prepared to assist businesses with the completion of customs declarations for both import and export with the inclusion of transit services (otherwise known as T1 documents).  Having local contacts at the Chamber of Commerce means there is always someone readily available to answer your questions.

We are also best placed to offer exporters (both SMEs and multinational companies) with the necessary paperwork. Inverness Chamber of Commers has a team who are qualified to offer Export Documentation such as Certificates of Origin and EUR1 Movement Certificates.

Furthermore, as part of a wider project supported by the Scottish Government and Scottish Chamber of Commerce network, Inverness Chamber of Commerce have had the pleasure of hosting virtual trade missions across the globe to locations including Chicago, Ontario, New Zealand, and South Africa. These missions provided businesses with the opportunity to leverage new trade leads and explore potential partnering opportunities. Over time we have facilitated over 150 connections through our trade missions and as a network, the Scottish Chambers of Commerce trade missions have contributed over £20 million worth of business to the Scottish economy since the programme began in 2019. The above is just a snapshot of our international trade services. More information about our International Trade offering can be found on the Interactive PDF.

Our experienced international trade team are always on hand to assist and can offer specialist advice. 

We would be delighted to connect so lease get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your international trade support requirements. Contact us by emailing or call us on 01463 718 131.

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