CFN Solutions Answers the Call for Highland League Support

A north of Scotland businessman is supporting two Breedon Highland League football clubs generate much-needed extra revenue to help them navigate the rest of the season.

Ian MacIntosh, managing director at telecommunications firm CFN Solutions, a member of Inverness Chamber of Commerce, has teamed up with Inverurie Locos and Nairn County to boost their income by becoming a service partner to supporters, corporate sponsors and directors.

Like many other businesses and households across the country, football clubs are facing rising inflation and unprecedented energy bills. These challenges have added to higher travel costs and a squeeze on fans’ budgets impacting matchday attendance and hospitality.

Through the innovative scheme, any requests to CFN Solutions for one of its free telecoms audits which results in a deal for products or services, such as office telephone systems, mobile and internet, will generate cash for the relevant football club. New clients can also save money by switching their existing telecoms services.

Mr MacIntosh – a former under-17 level football coach – has agreed for CFN Solutions to take pitchside advertising at both Inverurie and Nairn, while the company will also sponsor a player from each team.

Commenting on the new partnership, Ian said: “Both Inverurie and Nairn have now signed, sealed and delivered on the initiative – with directors and chairmen loving the concept. Now, we have got to go and deliver it.

“We are paying for all signage, banners, flying, marketing and graphics, so – from the clubs’ perspective – it’s very much a zero-cost exercise for them. It is probably anything between £1,000-£2,000 per club we are investing in the hope, obviously, they can get the reward and we will continue to grow as a business.”

The company’s fundraising initiative follows the Highland League exploring a range of cost-cutting options, including earlier kick-off times to save on floodlight costs.

Mark Kelman, chairman at Nairn County, said: “In these challenging times for local people and businesses right across our community, it’s vital that we leave no stone unturned when looking at ways to raise money for our club.

“The board and I are very much looking forward to working with Ian and the team at CFN Solutions to develop this winning partnership and the opportunities it brings to forge closer ties with our sponsors and supporters.”

CFN Solutions’ club cash boost scheme could raise thousands of pounds a year, according to Ian. He said: “My estimate is anywhere between £5,000-£10,000 per club.

“What we have said to the clubs is that we will commit to give up to 50% on new work generated by the partnership, depending on the services provided.

“If one or two phone systems are sold, I know the amount of income that can be generated on that. I see no reason why they should not be able to get £5,000-£10,000.”

We are delighted to see our member supporting sport in the North of Scotland! For more information on the partnership initiative, please contact

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