A9 Crisis Summit: Your Views Needed

On 18th July the Inverness Courier will hold an A9 Crisis Summit. Inverness Chamber have been heavily involved in helping to plan and organise the event and we will shortly be inviting a number of members to attend. Our Chief Executive, Colin Marr, will be on the panel for the event.

This is an important event. We know that the A9 north of Inverness, the A96, and our train services all need serious investment and improving – but this event is focussed on the missed deadline for dualling of the A9 between Inverness and Perth, and we hope that Scottish Government ministers will attend. There will be other speakers at the event who will talk about the delays to the dualling scheme and the all too regular tragic loss of life and number of accidents. Our role for the event is to represent the damage caused to business by the lack of progress on dualling.

If your business is affected we’d really like to hear from you. How does it affect your business? What does that cost you in time and lost income? How does it restrict your opportunities to grow your business? If you’re in the construction or engineering trade, from your professional knowledge, what would be the best route to procuring the upgrades we require? Please email colin@inverness-chamber.co.uk with your views and also let us know if you’d like these views to represented anonymously or to be attributed to you.

It’s our job to represent our members and the local business community. Get in touch with Colin to share your views and make your voice heard.

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