Why Ireland is the new Trade Hub

Delegates will be given the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the market in Ireland, economy, incentives available and an opportunity to engage with companies and stakeholders in Ireland.

Inverness Chamber of Commerce exists to assist and empower businesses in the Highlands & Islands. A key part of this initiative is supporting businesses, of all sizes, with their international trade ambitions, recognising its vital role in the growth and development of its members’ companies.

International trade is way more than just buying and selling goods across borders. It’s all about making smart moves and connections worldwide, and that’s where trade missions play a pivotal role in fostering successful global commerce. These missions are instrumental in helping businesses scout for and seize potential international opportunities, thereby expanding their networks on a global scale.

We are therefore delighted to announce that our International Trade Team is planning an in-person trade mission to Ireland from the 11th-14th November 2024. Ireland is an amazing place for Scottish businesses to grow, thanks to its strong appeal to foreign investors. Whether you’re into life sciences, financial services, engineering, business services, or even the exciting space industry, Ireland has something for you.

The main objective of our mission is to help Scottish companies carve out their niche in the dynamic business landscapes of Dublin and Galway. Ireland’s strategic geographic position as an open, globally connected hub provides an unparalleled gateway to the world’s largest markets. This mission is a brilliant chance to make valuable business contacts, discover new partnership opportunities and dive into on one of the most promising markets around.

Why should your business consider joining this Trade mission? Ireland’s vibrant economy and its status as a gateway to international markets make it an ideal destination for Scottish companies aiming to broaden their horizons. This mission offers a unique platform for developing valuable business connections, exploring new avenues for collaboration, and tapping into one of the most lucrative international markets for Scottish companies.

For more information about this mission and details on how to apply can be found here. Alternatively, please contact our International Trade Team: international@inverness-chamber.co.uk

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