Wellbeing in the Workplace

The Covid pandemic brought wellbeing right to the forefront of our minds; we became hyper-aware of health and illness, as well as the mental toll of lockdowns and isolation.  Covid closed down our offices and changed how we interacted with our colleagues and customers.  In many ways, we were forced to re-evaluate our attitudes to wellbeing in the workplace.  Health is no longer just a personal matter; it affects every aspect of our lives, including our careers. 

Employers are becoming more aware of this shift, and wellbeing support is becoming an essential employee benefit.  Culture change is the most significant progress a business can make, but this is often the most difficult to quantify.  Creating an open and supportive environment, where staff feel empowered to talk about their physical and mental health, takes time and commitment.  Training providers such as Clarity Walk can help workplaces start the conversation, supporting their employees and their business.  As well as creating a kind and people-centred workplace, a wellbeing strategy can also reduce sick days, increase retention, and increase overall productivity.

Another tool available to employers is a health and wellbeing plan, which is similar to private health insurance.  Chamber members have access to preferential rates at Westfield Health, through their Chamber Primary Health Plan. The plan starts from just £6.74 per employee, and it allows staff to claim money back on a variety of services, such as glasses, dentistry, chiropody, complementary therapies, and specialist consultations.  Policy holders are entitled to cash-back and discounts on hundreds of retailers, and personal accident insurance.

The DoctorLine Service provides 24 hour access to a telephone appointment with a UK GP, without lengthy surgery waiting times.  The policy holder can also access Best Doctors second medical opinion service, and have access to private MRI, CT, and PET scans.  Aiming for a holistic approach, Westfield offers a 24 hour wellbeing and advice information line, and up to 6 face to face counselling sessions, including CBT – we have no health without mental health. Inverness Chamber staff are all enrolled in the programme, and in the last year we have usedthe cash-back policies for new glasses, acupuncture, dental procedures, and GP appointments.

Health is more than illness, and wellbeing belongs in the workplace.  A wellbeing plan puts you ahead of the curve, attracts and retains staff, and shows your employees they matter.  If you are interested in learning more about Westfield Health, or want to learn more about wellbeing support for your employees, get in touch with your membership team by emailing membership@inverness-chamber.co.uk.    

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