W M Donald: Part 2

This week we’re handing over the blog to W M Donald! Read on to hear more about their services, recent award success and top tips for Chamber membership.

Servicing the North of Scotland

W M Donald provides a range of Civil Engineering Services to support key construction, infrastructure and civil engineering projects across the north of Scotland, including:

  • CCTV and Drainage: With over 40 years of experience, and an unrivalled fleet of drainage vehicles and equipment, our team carries out a diverse range of domestic and commercial drainage projects.
  • Suction Excavation: The modern way to excavate; the new suction excavator is used by W M Donald on our own projects but is also available for hire – as a self-contained unit complete with operator – to other contractors and developers.
  • Utilities: Our team has worked on some of the most challenging utilities projects in the country. Using our knowledge, experience and advanced technology, we ensure work is carried out efficiently, and without disruption.
Celebrating Success

We have been honoured to receive several prestigious awards in recent years, recognising our commitment to excellence and innovation across various areas of our business. Most notably, in 2024, we were humbled to be awarded at the Northern Star Awards for Business of the Year and Influencing Futures.  Additionally, in 2023, we were thrilled to receive the Staff Matters Award.

Our dedication to fostering a supportive and empowering work environment was further acknowledged at the cHeRries Awards in 2023, where we were honoured with the titles of HR Leader of the Year, Rachel O’Donnell HR Manager, Training and Development of the Year, and Employer of the Year.

Furthermore, our contributions to sustainability and excellence in trade were celebrated at the Trade Awards in 2023, where we received recognition for Sustainability of the Year, Best Large Trades and Rising Star, Joanne Riddoch. These accolades serve as a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, excellence, and the well-being of our employees and communities.

Maximising Membership

Our membership of the Inverness Chamber of Commerce has proven invaluable in establishing connections and building relationships within the local business community. The networking opportunities, educational resources, and advocacy provided by the Chamber has been instrumental in our growth and success in the Inverness area.

Our top tips for maximizing a Chamber membership would be:

  • Actively participate in networking events and educational programs to build relationships and gain industry insights.
  • Explore partnership opportunities with fellow members to collaborate on projects or pursue joint ventures.
  • Utilise the Chamber’s resources and advocacy efforts to stay informed about local regulations, initiatives, and opportunities.
  • Consider sponsorship or speaking opportunities to raise your company’s profile within the business community.
  • Engage with the Chamber’s online platforms and directories to increase visibility and connect with potential clients or suppliers.

Thank you to W M Donald for featuring as our Member of the Week!

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