VShake is a Scottish based small business working on designing a supplement shaker that keeps its promise; it’s bought once and loved forever!

Jack Barrie, Founder of VShake

Like most people who take part in health and fitness activities, Jack Barrie founder of VShake, has often been frustrated by how supplement shakers don’t work. After years of dealing with lumpy shakes, bad smells, leaky parts and ugly designs, Jack knew there had to be a solution and so VShake was born. Here’s what Jack had to say about the company, the product and their journey.

“I’m Jack, I’m 22 years old and based in Inverness. I’m pretty much your everyday kind of guy who goes to the gym, loves a good pizza and a binge worthy Netflix series. I have a close group of friends who have been helping me every step of the way and who I love. I feel like anyone who has launched or is in the process of launching a small business can relate when I say that although I would technically be the CEO and Founder of VShake, my role is more realistically ‘everything’. I am very hands on with every aspect of the company and try to learn as much as I can from books, events, and my fantastic team of mentors.

“As I’m sure many people can relate, the idea behind my company comes from pure personal frustration at a product that just wasn’t cutting it. I used to work on sea based oil rigs and would take supplement shakers with me. By the time I returned home after 6 weeks none of the multiple shakers had survived, be it from parts going missing, cracks, leaks or even the embarrassing moment when someone asked me to get rid of one as the smell was that bad. After looking around for a non-existent solution I decided to create one and this was when the concept behind VShake originated.

“VShake started back in 2019 and has gone through multiple design changes and iterations to get to the product that we have now. Our unique design works by lowering a sieve to the centre of the shaker via a twisting action on the lid. By using this method, rather than using a traditional ball, the liquid is mixed more thoroughly, meaning much smoother shakes and less mess. This distinctive design also ensures no small parts are lost, smells are easily repelled and removed, and the risk of leaks is gone.  

“I reached out to the CEOs of Grenade, Huel and Bulk to get their thoughts and ideas and the response was really positive. Having such large companies providing insightful feedback has been incredibly helpful in the development of the product.

“Our ultimate aim is to make something that is steered by what our audience needs, as well as ensuring an emphasis on sustainability and limiting our environmental impact. With this in mind we are currently running a huge survey competition up until Sunday 6th March 2022. The aim of the survey is to provide a platform for the public to share their ideas and suggestions, allowing us to shape the final product ensuring it is the best it can be prior to its launch on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. We would greatly appreciate if you could complete and share the short survey, and if helping out a new business wasn’t enough of an incentive, I am sure one of our fantastic prizes will grab your attention!”

You can complete the short survey here.

“I am so excited for the final tweaks to be made and to be able to hold the completed VShake in my hand. Once the product launches on Kickstarter there will be a large range of options to order including single shakers, large custom orders and some little surprises which I’ll share closer to the time. 

“I love speaking to other business owners, hearing their stories, discussing collaborations and just meeting people who get what I’m trying to achieve. Speaking with likeminded people who understand the struggles that come along with starting a business is really comforting.”

We asked Jack what he found most valuable about his Chamber membership and what ‘top tips’ he would recommend to other members to help them maximise their membership: “Being a small business owner can be quite daunting and knowing that I have an amazing network of people to talk to, ask and share advice with is invaluable. There are not many places where you can get this sort of support, and at this early stage it has been really amazing. My top tip? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The Chamber of Commerce team have always tried to help me in any way they can or match me up with the right people to talk to. I think asking for help can be hard sometimes, but just dropping someone an email saying ‘Hi, I have no idea what I’m doing with… blah blah blah’ can be the difference between struggling through something for six months and it costing you thousands, and having an answer after one email.”

VShake love collaborating with other local Scottish based businesses and are keen to chat to people about working together at launch if they felt their products and audiences align. 






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