Scotland – South Africa Virtual Trade Mission

Delegates will be given the opportunity to gain a better understanding of South Africa’s market, economy, incentives available and an opportunity to engage with companies and stakeholders in South Africa.

South Africa is well known for its beautiful cities and vibrant landscapes as well as its hunger to adopt and find innovative solutions. Many South African organisations continue to actively seek new solutions and partnerships with companies that can assist particularly in the areas of Green Economy, Renewable Energy, Marine, Health Care and Technology, to name a few.

Inverness Chamber of Commerce are leading a virtual trade mission to South Africa to give delegates the opportunity to connect with like-minded organisations and explore opportunities within this lucrative market. With the support of partners including Invest Cape Town and British Chamber of Business in South Africa, this mission will prove beneficial for both consumers and businesses.

Since its independence in April 1994, South Africa has grown significantly and has seen a large improvement in its economic conditions. With borders opening up to international businesses, South Africa has become the most developed economy in Africa. With cities such as Cape Town acting as Africa’s hub for innovation, this is a region rich with opportunities, making this is an attractive place for investment from foreign businesses.

In 2022, South Africa served as the UK’s 28th largest export market. With a population of 58 million, South Africa’s geographic location, widespread use of the English language and relatively transparent legal processes make it a logical and attractive option for Scottish companies, as well as acting a gateway for entering the Sub-Saharan Africa marketplace.

The main aim of the mission is to give Scottish companies the opportunity to develop business connections, whilst simultaneously promoting Scotland’s investment opportunities across a variety of industries.

Similarly, the mission aims to provide Scottish companies with the chance to learn more about South Africa’s market in terms of consumer trends and opportunities, with a particular focus on the Western Cape region. We cannot emphasise the value of this virtual trade mission enough and would encourage the Highlands & Islands business community to get involved in the mission.

Format: This 3-day mission will consist of interactive sessions in the format of online market awareness workshops, presentations and Q&A discussions. The full agenda will be shared with attendees.

Alternatively, to find out more about this mission and how to apply, please contact our International Trade Team on / 01463 718 131

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