Moneycorp is a leading payments fintech, with 40+ years’ experience, providing global payments solutions to private clients, businesses and institutions. They help their clients navigate the complex global payments market using their smart technology, an intuitive payments ecosystem and a commitment to personalised service and regulatory excellence.

My name is Niall Handy and I have over 20 years of banking experience and specialise in FX risk management techniques. Based in Edinburgh I look after the Scottish and Northern Irish client base helping businesses manage the impact that currency exposures has on their business.

Unlike many players in the international payments space, we’ve been around for a while – over 40 years in fact. In that time, our business has evolved from a retail foreign exchange provider to a leading global payments services partner, offering corporate and private clients a genuine alternative to their legacy banks and providers through superior service, and competitive pricing.

Our all-in-one payments ecosystem empowers our clients to manage their foreign exchange exposure and international payments. Our offering includes: FX and risk management strategies; hedging solutions; international payments; multi-currency single reference IBAN bank accounts and API and file upload technology that seamlessly integrates with payment software to automate end-to-end banking.

We are the accredited partner for the Chambers of Commerce across the country, and are really proud that for over 10 years we’ve been helping Chamber members understand how market volatility affects their businesses, through ChamberFX.

Through our global network, and long tenure as an expert in international business payments, we have and will continue to help members to reach their full potential on the global stage.

At its simplest, the ChamberFX benefit will save members money and make it more efficient for them to send and receive international currencies– so that alone is worth talking about. The other side is tapping into the knowledge and expertise we can bring to businesses – there are many different ways in which to trade – some methods look to risk management, others to targeting better rates.

Whatever the goal, we can help. We have a greater tool set when it comes to trading, more than many banks have, so it really is worth a few minutes to chat about what the benefit can bring – even if that is to reassure members that they are getting the best possible rates and service from their current provider!

We were delighted to have recently been awarded Best Payment Solutions Provider from the 2022 Systems in the City Fintech Awards. The awards, founded and organized by Goodacre UK over 20 years ago, are based on a constant review of Fintech solutions. 

Off the back of a successful set of financial results, Moneycorp is well positioned for sustainable growth and we look forward to being able to share details of new partnerships and product innovations that are going to have a positive impact on our clients.

Read more about how we can help you with your international payments here.


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