In all that we do, we believe in making payroll as simple as possible for employers.  Chanonry Payroll Solutions empowers small to medium Businesses to confidently control their Payroll process.  Guiding you through the options available, so you can build the Payroll support package that WORKS for your Business.  We do this through our Payroll Outsourcing and Payroll Consulting solutions, that fit in with the business’s individual needs.  Relieving stress, saving money and freeing up time within the Business so you can concentrate on your core activities; what makes your Business great, and brings value to your Clients. 

Chanonry Payroll Solutions will have been in Business for 3 years on 1st March 2021.After completing some consulting work for a previous employer and thoroughly enjoying it, I took a part-time position with them, while I set up the Business.I set up Chanonry Payroll Solutions in order to gain flexibility for family commitments, and because I’m passionate about payroll and wanted to provide valuable support to employers.At the end of August 2019, I ended my part time position and concentrated on the Business.My employer in the part time position then became a valued client.The next year will be an exciting one for Chanonry Payroll Solutions, as we become an employer ourselves, and have some great projects planned.

I’ve worked in Payroll for almost 18 years, in industry, oil and gas sector and Payroll Bureau. Working on Payrolls from 1 employee to over 8000 employees.This has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.Running Payroll and supporting Payroll within Businesses from 1-250 employees is where I can really help Employers to reduce their costs, time and provide the flexibility needed to run a successful Business.

Inverness Chamber of Commerce asked me why I wanted to member of the week: “To raise awareness of the Payroll support options available to Employers.”

Chanonry Payroll Solution Solutions we offer Technical Assistance support to both employers and professionals (such as Accountants, Bookkeepers, VA’s and HR Consultants).This can be on an adhoc or retained basis, and offers payroll knowledge and experience at your fingertips for employers who wish to run the payroll themselves, but without the cost of an internal payroll trained employee.

We offer a power hour solution for those looking to start their employer journey, but don’t know where to start with the payroll.This is a tailored solution to the individual’s requirements, allowing you to get the answers and the information you need to know, without wasting time scrolling through website after website to find the information relevant to you, and ending up with more questions than answers.

Over the next 12 months I plan to expand the business, build a team and strengthen the value of the solutions I provide and increase awareness of the support available for Employers.

Chanonry Payroll Solutions was delighted a Finalist for the Highland Business Woman’s, New Business of the Year 2019 award and again, a Finalist for the Highland Business Woman’s, New Business of the Year 2020 award.

I was asked by Chamber what I value most about membership which is the Business community aspect of the Chamber, the networking, and the industry knowledge.

My advice for members to get the most out of their membership is to Get involved, take advantage of the fantastic opportunities for networking and showcasing your business that the Chamber provide and be part of the community.


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