Knowledge is ‘Flower’ This National Gardening Week

Local Garden Centre of Excellence, Simpsons, is celebrating National Gardening Week!

This year’s National Gardening Week is all about demystifying gardening, and the north’s leading destination garden centre, Simpsons, wants to remind everyone how great being out in our garden can be and how easy and enjoyable it is…even for beginners.

Marketing Manager Siobhan MacBean says “There are so many benefits to gardening, both mentally and physically, and so many ways to get involved.”

“We enjoy welcoming customers to the centre who are new to gardening and not sure where to start. They may have a new home with a garden for the first time or a new build where they have a blank canvass which is very exciting but maybe a bit daunting.

“Many people who are thinking about or are new to gardening think it’s not for them as it’s too difficult, too many hurdles, need a big space or that they need to be a gardening expert.

“We would say, ‘anyone can garden’! Take one project at a time, start small and try different things. Take inspiration from outdoor space that you like.  You don’t even have to have a huge space, even someone with a small patio or even just a windowsill can still learn, grow and enjoy. There’s nothing more amazing than popping out to the garden to dig up potatoes or pick fresh ripe tomatoes and salad for your dinner!

“Every garden project is a great learning opportunity and the most important thing is that our team are here to help and advise every step of the way”. 

For the team at Simpsons, National Gardening Week is a great opportunity to highlight how important our outdoor space is, no matter how big or small that space is. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Gardening is a learning process and even the best gardeners get it wrong, trying different things is a great way to learn and build your knowledge. After all, knowledge is flower!

Local garden centre, Simpsons, was awarded ‘Garden Centre of Excellence’ by their industry body, The Garden Centre Association, earlier this year. This award is only given to the top 10 garden centres in the UK; a testament to their product quality, high standards and customer service.

National gardening week runs from 29th April until 5th May 2024.

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