Highland Business Awards Sponsor – Business Gateway’s DigitalBoost

The Highlands, like most of UK businesses is going through one of the most challenging times ever known. For over two years businesses have had a pandemic to overcome, an economy in crisis and now the real costs of running a business have skyrocketed – the latter due to energy and fuel costs.

At Business Gateway Highland the number of businesses contacting the service for support is at an all-time high, from start-up and growth to survival. Support and advice along with clear plans and ideas is critical to businesses. 

It’s certainly not all doom and gloom and our entrepreneurial spirit in the Highlands is still strong. Our start-up grants have helped new businesses and we are now back to pre-pandemic levels.

As Scotland’s national business support service, Business Gateway plays a crucial role in driving growth, skills, regeneration, and employment across the Highlands. We can assist with growth grants, digital and employee funding. We will also help you get the right support, even if it’s from another source.

Our comprehensive core programme of workshops, webinars about every aspect of starting, managing and growing a business, many delivered digitally and has attracted over 1,200 attendees in the last year.

We are delighted to sponsor the award for Digital Initiative in the Highland Business Awards. Our DigitalBoost programme has allowed local businesses to access grants, digital support through our webinars with almost 1600 attendees in 2021/22. There is also digital help through our one-to-one support service.

All Business Gateway Highland services are free and our local area business managers cover the whole of the Highlands, from Caithness to Lochaber and we have supported more than 2,300 Highland businesses in the last year. Our website bgateway.com provides useful advice including business plan templates, webinars, tutorials and more – supporting all Highland Businesses to thrive.   

Central to helping our customers succeed is our ability to listen to what businesses need, help with their challenges, and deliver the appropriate support allowing them to survive and grow.

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