Highland Business Awards Sponsor : Business Gateway, Digital Initiative

With little more than a week until Highland Business Awards 2023, we’ll be featuring some guest blogs from our generous sponsors! Business Gateway are sponsoring the Digital Initiative category this year – keep reading to find out why digital innovation is invaluable for Highland businesses.

The Highland area boasts a strong tradition of entrepreneurship and innovation, and business owners have proven this time and time again.

At Business Gateway Highland we have supported a significant number of start-up businesses, and have seen an increase in new businesses of 54% in 22/23. With support to over 400 growing businesses last year, these are great examples of the Highland economy leading the way. 

In the digital age, businesses in the Highlands can reach a global audience with effective online marketing and e-commerce strategies. The benefits of establishing a strong online presence, utilising social media, and setting up user-friendly e-commerce platforms to expand market reach and boost sales can be invaluable.

In many instances, upskilling in digital is truly transformative for business, and given this, it is only right to recognise the fantastic work by business owners. This is why Business Gateway Highland is sponsoring the Digital Initiative Award.

As part of Scotland’s national business support service, Business Gateway Highland plays a crucial role in driving growth, skills, regeneration, and employment across the Highlands.

Through our digital support programme, we are encouraging businesses to embrace digital tools and techniques to contribute to their growth, enhance the local economy, and showcase the Highlands on that global digital stage.

Many local businesses have been able to take advantage of our free resources by accessing help and advice through our webinars. With a significant number of growing businesses also receiving a tailored approach with one-to-one digital support.

For many the digital journey is crucial to success. Businesses must continue to utilise their online platforms and digital skills to reach customers not just in their local area, but further afield. Websites must be maintained and adapted to reflect where you are in your business journey and help build trust with potential customers. The buying process can always be simplified for customers, resulting in more sales and larger turnovers, while regular content on social media helps put a face to the brand, telling the human story behind the business name. All of this is applicable to businesses no matter what sector and allowing continued growth.

Ultimately, the lessons that can be learnt through transforming your business into a more tech-savvy type can set business owners on the right path to success. For further inspiration, if you need it, the Digital Initiative Award will be an opportunity to showcase and celebrate these examples of innovation from across the Highlands.

For those who need help implementing digital ideas, Business Gateway Highland is here to help, with our local area business managers in the Highlands covering everywhere, from Caithness to Lochaber. We have supported more than 2,000 Highland businesses in the last year, ensuring everyone can have access to growth.  

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