Highland BlindCraft Beds Brightening Lives and Bedrooms, One Stitch at a Time!

The buzz is on as Highland BlindCraft Beds gears up for the glitz and glamour of the Go Awards. Nominated for the Social Value Award, these bed-making wizards aren’t just in it for the zzz’s – they’re all about spreading smiles and snuggles!

Since the early 1800s, Highland BlindCraft Beds has been turning bedrooms into cozy havens while championing inclusivity. Their secret ingredient? A workforce as diverse as their dreamy designs! From individuals with audio-visual impairments to those with variying disabilities, they’ve woven a tapestry of talent that’s as heartwarming as it is impressive.

Picture this: a celebration in Liverpool on the 16 May, where the spotlight shines on companies making a real difference. Amidst the glitz, Highland BlindCraft Beds shines bright, proving that making a social impact is as stylish as it is commendable.

With their nomination, it’s not just about winning – it’s a commitment to crafting comfort and community. So, as they strut their stuff on the red carpet, the team at Highland BlindCraft Beds is ready to sprinkle a little extra magic into the mix, ensuring that everyone sleeps tight and dreams big!

Interim CEO Deirdre Aitken said: “We are incredibly thrilled and humbled to be nominated for the Social Value Award for the second year in a row! Crafting beds isn’t just about wood and fabric for us – it’s about weaving a sense of purpose, dignity and hope for the individuals we employ and the customers we serve.”

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