Stewart Chamber of Commerce


As all of us in the Highland business community continue to respond to, and chart a way through these unprecedented times, I’m more convinced than ever that Inverness Chamber of Commerce exists to connect, support and represent primarily our members but also the wider Highland business community.

I take immense satisfaction from the results we have achieved for business locally and nationally as we work closely with colleagues in Scottish Chambers of Commerce and British Chambers of Commerce.  We have tirelessly lobbied and campaigned for our governments to change policy decisions and close gaps in support, which they have.  On behalf of many individual businesses, we have sought to unlock the supply of loans, funds and grants from mainstream banks, local authorities and governments, which they have.  In all these activities, we have sought to champion the cause of Highland business which after all this is over, will continue to underpin and drive forward the community and society each of us aspire to have.  We stand ready to play our role in what that society will look like. 

We have, I admit, not been successful in all our endeavours though.  But that will not stop us as Inverness Chamber of Commerce strives to continue to be the strong voice of business in the Highlands.  As a resolutely independent organisation, we will absolutely continue to lobby and represent, without fear or favour.  We will, where appropriate, endorse and support our public sector organisations, local and national governments.  Equally though, we will seek to hold them to account for decisions and actions or lack of actions and fundamentally wrong decisions. 

I remain convinced that now, more than ever, strong leadership is essential from all of us, in the private and public sectors.  And I am delighted to be working on this with a close colleague, Sheila Campbell-Lloyd, as Inverness Chamber of Commerce adds a critical offering to our hugely successful online webinars.  With Sheila, I will be exploring effective leadership in our ‘Leadership Group Coaching’ series which we have launched in support of the Highland business community.  Details are available on the Inverness Chamber of Commerce website – very exciting!  #HighlandTogetherNESS!

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