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Why did you join your Chamber?
I joined Chamber to increase my client base in the Highlands. Before that 85% of my business came from outwith the local area. I was keen to increase my local profile with the aim of providing my services to a larger percentage of local clients. I have gained many new clients as a direct result of the networking events I have attended. 

What makes you most proud/passionate about Carrie’s Voice?
I really love giving businesses a voice. Voice plays a crucial role in communication – it describes, informs and sells but more than that, it makes a vital connection with the listener. 
I work very hard to create great relationships with all of my clients, and before I record I always try to gain a full understanding of exactly the way they want their message delivered. It gives me great pleasure in being able to assist business growth through the use of audio marketing

How has your business been impacted by joining Inverness Chamber?
Chamber events have helped me to meet lots of local businesses and I have gained a number of clients as a result. Either through meeting them at networking events and through word of mouth following a chamber event. 

Which event really struck you as worthwhile and helped your business?
Hard to choose! Each event has been a great opportunity to share and gain business knowledge across various sectors.  I particularly enjoy the networking lunches and the speed networking events as it gives you a great opportunity to get to know more about the various businesses in our area and likewise, they get to know a bit more about my business. 

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