Stewart Chamber of Commerce


Whenever Brexit happens, it will have a significant impact on how our businesses trade overseas. It is therefore imperative that measures are put in place to ensure companies in the Highlands have the right tools to work in the new environment.

Inverness Chamber of Commerce is leading the way in Scotland in helping businesses future proof their operations so they can hit the ground running when we finally exit the EU.

Inverness Chamber is the first in the country to bring in new software to help SMEs manage all business process in one online application and ensure compliance with new trading rules and tariffs that will apply post Brexit.

This will be an invaluable support mechanism for Highland traders, from food and drink to life sciences and manufacturing, putting them ahead of similar businesses in other areas.

As part of a wider Brexit strategy, Inverness Chamber will next month also be appointing new members of staff to scale up its operation to help provide additional support and manage the change-over.

The uncertainty of when Brexit will happen, and what lies ahead when it does, makes this an anxious time for the business community. However, technology and service innovation like these new offerings from Inverness Chamber can help mitigate the uncertainty.

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